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Before medicating your pet, it’s crucial to feel confident in your veterinary pharmacy. If you order online otr from a big box store, do you know that the medication is coming from a properly-accredited and certified institution? At Milwaukee Veterinary Clinic, we guarantee that our store’s online supply chain is safe and secure. Ordering medication through us not only means the best care for your animals, but it also helps support our small business.


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Milwaukee Vet Clinic does not process orders for medications or preventatives sent directly to us from online suppliers. Clients who order through online suppliers will need to pick up a written prescription for those medications to provide to the supplier directly. Why? By directly authorizing medication from an online retailer, we are giving our approval of that particular medication from that particular retailer as safe and appropriate. We do not want to play even a passive part in causing harm to your pet, our patient, because an online supplier misidentified, misrepresented, improperly stored, or mishandled a medication.

The Pharmacy
Choice Is Yours

The choice of veterinary pharmacy is yours, but we are here to educate and help you make an informed decision. Milwaukee Vet Clinic strongly recommends that you purchase products only from a properly-accredited and certified veterinary pharmacy. Because of the way in which almost all non-accredited online suppliers operate, we cannot guarantee that an online big box seller is going to act in the best interest of your pet, our patient. It’s our hope that clients who visit our clinic would order medications and preventatives from our Milwaukee Vet online store.

Our store is an accredited and certified pharmacy that has continually held the Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites™ (Vet-VIPPS) seal, a rigorous accreditation program administered through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®). The Vet-Vipps seal ensures that our clients are buying safe medications and medical devices from a licensed, regulated pharmacy in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, as well as national pharmacy standards. Because our online store is part of our clinic infrastructure, you will not need a written prescription when you order. In the end, however, the pharmacy choice is yours.

Support Our
Small Business

We understand that cost is a big reason that our clients purchase from non-accredited suppliers. We do our very best to make our medications and preventatives affordable, and we routinely compare prices to ensure our prices are competitive. Many of our preventatives come with free shipping, with products arriving on your doorstep within a day or two of ordering. Our, “Easy Dose It” program allows you to have single doses of heartworm and flea/tick preventatives shipped monthly. You pay for the product as you go and there is no cost for shipping. Most importantly, by purchasing from our online store, you are supporting our local business here in Milwaukee and the warehouse for our supplier, Midwest Veterinary Supply, located in Sun Prairie.

Our Guarantee To
You and Your Pet

Our online store’s supply chain is 100% secure. From the time your name-brand medications are ordered to the moment they’re in-hand, we ensure those medications have been handled, stored, and packaged in compliance with manufacturer guidelines. Medications purchased from our online store are guaranteed by the product’s manufacturer—and most importantly by us.

Our doctors know your pet’s medical history, and we want our patients to get the highest quality medications to treat their individual needs. If there are ever any questions or concerns, our staff will personally handle the issue and resolve it to your satisfaction. The bottom line: We always want what’s best for your pet!