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Comprehensive Care

We offer an incredible range of services designed to keep your pets happy and healthy their whole life long. Here are just some of the ways we can help.

Wellness Care

Routine checkups are your pet’s best line of defense against diseases and other conditions.

At Milwaukee Veterinary Clinic, we emphasize proactive, preventative medicine to keep your pets healthy. We can’t protect them from the possibility of contracting an illness or developing a chronic condition, but regular check-ups coupled with proper prevention give your pets the best chance for a long, happy life.

We recommend annual wellness exams for most pets and semi-annual exams for senior pets. At your pet’s check-up, we will conduct a complete physical exam and discuss appropriate diagnostics, such as blood-work, that can help our doctors monitor your pet’s health and spot problems early on.

Proper Prevention
Vaccines. Vaccines prevent a host of potentially fatal diseases. The rabies vaccine is required by law, and your Milwaukee Vet Clinic doctor can explain other vaccines that best address your pet’s risk factors.
Pet Parasites. Heartworms, roundworms, fleas, ticks, and mites can all survive the cold Wisconsin weather, so diligence is key when it comes to parasite prevention. Your veterinarian can help you choose the appropriate treatment.
Microchipping. Implanting a microchip is as simple as administering a vaccine, and it can help you reunite with your pet if they ever stray.
Weight and Nutritional Counseling. Proper nutrition is important throughout the life of your pet. Your veterinarian can recommend an appropriate diet that addresses the individual needs of your pet.

You Know Your Pet Better than Anyone
Your pet’s wellness visit is also the best time to discuss any changes in your pet’s behavior, mobility, and eating habits, and to ask your veterinarian what you can do at home to optimize your pet’s health. It’s often easier and more beneficial to discuss subtle changes when your pet isn’t sick and your attention isn’t focused on an illness.

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Internal Medicine

If your pet suffers from a chronic condition, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, or any number of other disorders, our caring doctors will provide the proper ongoing treatment.

Small Mammal Care

From routine check-ups to illness treatment to dental care, we’re here for your pocket pets!

Small mammals we see:

  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters and Gerbils
  • Rats and Mice
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Prairie dogs


Unfortunately, small mammal owners usually only think about taking their pets to the veterinarian when they’re already sick. Unlike dogs and cats, many species of exotic animals hide their illnesses until they are simply so sick that they are unable to hide it any longer. This behavior is due to the fact that many of these animals are prey species in the wild, where they must hide their symptoms or they simply won’t survive. If your small mammal pet is actually showing signs of illness, chances are they are very ill.

We encourage all small mammal pet owners to bring their animals in for a wellness visit at least once a year. We stress preventative medicine, including proper diet and husbandry. We want to ensure that your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life!

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Preventative care and healthy examinations
One of the most important parts of your visit is education on appropriate food, housing, temperature, light, vaccinations, and more that your exotic pet needs in order to live a healthy life. Remember that many exotics pets age much faster than cats and dogs, and as a result, health problems can develop and progress rapidly.

Geriatric care
Older animals have special needs. As animals age, they often develop arthritis, cardiac disease, cancer, and other health problems. Although these diseases can be debilitating, in many cases they are treatable and medical therapy can significantly improve your pet’s quality of life. We recommend at least twice-yearly examinations for elderly exotic pets to help identify and treat developing health problems early on.

We perform grooming services for small mammals, such as toenail trimming. All animals must have had a recent examination (usually within the last year with no health changes) by a veterinarian at our facility. The reason that we require the veterinary examination is because the stress of even simple grooming can be deadly for unhealthy exotic animals. Once your animal has passed a health examination, you can generally return for grooming procedures for up to one year without another exam.

Dental Care
Dental problems in rabbits, rodents, ferrets, hedgehogs, pigs, and exotic cats are more prevalent than you would think. We utilize digital skull and dental radiography to look for hidden problems that we can address before they are visible during an oral examination. We have specially-designed dental equipment to surgically treat malocclusion, as well as impacted and abscessed teeth. We believe in keeping your pet as pain-free as possible while in our care. We monitor our patients closely to determine whether they are experiencing any discomfort and use pain medication in all dental procedures.

Surgery and Dentistry

Milwaukee Vet Clinic offers surgical and dental care for your pets, including teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and minor oral surgery.

Dental Service
Imagine what your mouth would feel like if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. For many dogs and cats, this is a painful reality. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease by the age of 3. Dental (or periodontal) disease is the most frequently-diagnosed health problem in pets.

Common signs of dental disease include:
Yellow or brown buildup (tartar) on the teeth
Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
Bad breath
Excessive drooling
Changes in eating or chewing habits
Pawing at the face
Loose teeth

Even if your dog or cat doesn’t have these symptoms, we recommend that you have a veterinarian evaluate your pet’s dental health at least once a year. We can also show you how to brush your pet’s teeth and recommend foods and treats that will help combat plaque and tartar buildup.

Bacteria and food debris accumulate around the teeth and, if left unchecked, will lead to deterioration of the soft tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. This decay can result in irreversible periodontal disease, tooth loss, and possibly expensive oral surgery. 

Dental disease can also affect other organs in the body: Bacteria in the mouth can get into the bloodstream and cause serious infections in the kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart. If these problems aren’t caught and treated quickly enough, they can result in death. A physical exam combined with appropriate laboratory work can determine if an infection in the mouth has spread.

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Pain Management

We include pain management in all aspects of our care, from treating arthritis or injuries to relieving your pet’s discomfort following surgery or a dental procedure. We offer both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical pain relievers.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT) / Acupuncture / Cold-laser Therapy

We offer these services by appointment only with Capital Performance Veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Lorenz. VSMT is chiropractic care for animals.


We have a full spectrum of in-house diagnostic tools for fast, accurate test results. We also utilize commercial laboratories and offer digital radiography.

Fast & Accurate
Whether your pet comes to us for a wellness appointment or a sick visit, our state-of-the-art, in-house diagnostic equipment can provide valuable insight into your pet’s overall health.
We’ll often recommend diagnostic tests, such as bloodwork, during a wellness exam to check for underlying conditions that could escalate quickly if left untreated. If your pet is displaying outward signs of illness, our diagnostic tools can also provide us with answers quickly, so that we can create a treatment plan for your pet right away.

In-House Laboratory
Our in-house lab enables us to quickly assess your pet’s blood-work, urine, and more. If your pet requires more extensive testing, we work with a network of reference laboratories that can provide us with accurate, detailed results.

Our digital radiology and dental X-rays provide crystal clear images that can be quickly evaluated. Digital radiology helps us diagnose fractures and broken bones, spot tumors and foreign objects, and reveal problems related to certain organs and major systems of the body.

At Milwaukee Vet Clinic, we are fully equipped to diagnose your pet’s problem so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about our diagnostic capabilities.

Senior Pet Care

We have a special place in our hearts for older pets, and they have very different needs from younger animals. We provide compassionate senior pet care aimed at improving your pet’s quality of life so you both can enjoy their golden years.

First and foremost, we encourage semi-annual visits for older pets. Pets, just like people, become more prone to chronic conditions (such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease) as they age, so blood-work every six months is helpful for spotting illnesses that are developing beneath the surface. We can’t always reverse a condition in an older pet, but an early diagnosis will give us the best chance of slowing the progression.

Maintaining Quality of Life
At your senior pet’s check-up, your doctor can offer you advice on other considerations that will optimize your pet’s comfort level and health. When it comes to diet and nutrition, weight gain is a concern for dogs, while weight loss tends to affect cats. Remember that older pets still require plenty of interaction and exercise. Simple modifications can be made to your home to improve quality of life for your pet, such as moving their bed or litter box to the main floor.

Decreased mobility or any changes in gait could be symptoms of arthritis. We offer both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical pain relievers as well as low-level laser therapy to help curb your pet’s pain and stiffness. VSMT and Acupuncture may also help.

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Referral Network

If your pet needs specialized treatment that goes beyond our services, we will refer you to the appropriate board-certified specialist in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.

Technician Appointments

We offer the convenience and affordability of technician appointments for services that don’t require a doctor’s direct supervision, such as nail trimmings, and ear cleanings.

Online Pharmacy

You can purchase medications easily and have them delivered to your home through our online pharmacy. View our Resources page for more information.

Health Certificates / Travel Documents

Planning to travel with your pet? We can prepare Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for your pet.

Health Certificate/Animal Travel and Transport
A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate, is an official document issued by a federal, state, tribal, or accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals identified on the document have been inspected and were found to satisfy the regulations pertaining to their intended movement: within the same state, between states, or internationally.

CVIs may be required to transport animals from one area to another or for animals to participate in certain events, such as shows, rides, or sales. These pre-entry requirements help to ensure that the animals being moved do not carry harmful illnesses or parasites.

In addition to meeting various physical health criteria, and depending on the species, age, origin, destination, and purpose of travel, the animals to be moved may require certain tests, treatments, vaccinations, or other procedures before they qualify for inclusion on a CVI. The process depends on the requirements of the destination.

For more information and to begin the process of traveling with your pet, give us a call.