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Featured Product: Holiday Gift Boxes

Just in time for the holidays! A gift box of goodies for your pup or kitty. They are hand picked from us to you, all in one box. The dog box is great to give to your pup, grand pups, other pup parents, or even as hostess gifts. Box contents will vary slightly from dog to dog, but will include a breed specific Doggie Doo Clip, a delicious bag of Leashess Lab Dog Treats, a fetching rope frisbee from Lost and Hound, Milwaukee Vet Clinic Dog Wipes to keep your pup clean, and a plush holiday toy. Locally made, with local products! The cat box includes yummy hairball treats, premium catnip, and a bunch of toys to keep your kitty happy for the holiday season! Please see the link to our store on the left.

Featured Pets: We need your help!

We would love to feature your story and your pet! We love your furry family as if it was our own, and would be so happy to hear from you and share your story with the rest of the Milwaukee Vet Clinic family.

We are searching for a story to feature each month! What is your furry friend’s morning routine? Do they hate walking in the snow/rain? Is there a dog park or a dog walk you’ve recently enjoyed that you would like to share with everyone? What little quirk makes you laugh? Is there some training you and your furry baby are working on? Tricks? We’d like to hear it all. And of course pictures!

We are currently a 3 cat and 2 dog household. Holly and Otto are our 2 canine babies. Eddy, Carter and Ashes are the three felines. Even though we do wonder about Eddy, who we consider our cat-dog. He came into Holly’s care at 2 weeks old, so he has been most comfortable sleeping and playing with the dogs versus the other cats. They each have their own distinct personalities, some play together, some don’t, some like to hide while others run at the sound of the car pulling into the driveway. For some unknown reason, the dogs can’t help but get upset at the mailman or UPS guy every single time. Who taught them this? Is this an ancient dog tradition being genetically passed on? No idea. But we love them all!

Holly has traveled across the country a few times! Here she is in Dead Horse State Park in Utah. Her biggest road trip was a 14,000 mile, 3 1/2 month adventure that took her from New York City, down to Florida, then across to New Mexico, up to Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, then further west to Seattle and Vancouver, BC, then back down the coast all the way down to San Diego, with many adventures in between, then finally headed home through Arizona, and Utah again… and then amazingly made it from Utah to NYC in 2 days. Dad can be a crazy driver.

Grain-Free Diet in Dogs

So many questions have come up recently around what is best to feed our canine buddies. While many things are still being studied, there are certain things we are clear on at this point.

The FDA recently came out with a report that Grain-Free foods are linked to a certain type of heart disease.  Veterinary Cardiologists and Nutritionists started to notice a trend in young otherwise healthy dogs having Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) or an enlarged heart.  This disease can be genetically linked or nutritionally linked to Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that animals get through diet. Cats are very
sensitive to taurine deficiencies and will develop this heart disease when not fed commercial cat food or supplementing their diet.

When the cardiologists started noticing this disease, they began testing taurine levels and many were low.  They also noticed that most of these dogs were on a grain-free diet. Once switched to a different diet and supplemented with Taurine many started on a long road to recovery.  Even more interesting, some dogs with normal Taurine levels started to improve as well when switched to a new diet and in some cases, Taurine levels would skyrocket.

The nutritionists started to study what was going on.  While we still don’t know all the mechanisms of taurine intake, the one we have found is grain-free diets made with peas and legumes which are binding up the Taurine making it unavailable for dogs leading them to be more predisposed to DCM. There are also other diets that are linked to this disease that are grain-free without peas and legumes and some boutique diets that even have grain in them.

We are still learning about this process and how we can improve overall nutrition. In the meantime, we are limited to what we can recommend for your pet. Currently, there are only a few recommended diets that meet the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Guidelines.  These are Purina ProPlan, Hill’s Science Diet, and Royal Canin. These diets have undergone additional testing to ensure this food is safe. At our house we feed Purina Proplan and it is 8 paws approved!

Brew City Bully Club: Non-Profit Highlight of the Month

What follows is the story of Bubbles, which Brew City Bully Club rescued and fostered for nearly a year.

Bubbles’ story is one of triumph, strength, and resilience. To know this dog is to love her. She worms her way into your heart like many dogs do, but in her own special way. Her story doesn’t start out glamorous. She wasn’t special back then nor was she loved in the slightest. The police found her living with multiple dogs with open wounds, crates filled with feces and urine, a bloody leash nearby with blood splatter on the walls. Thankfully this precious soul was rescued, and her abuser is now a class 3 felon with a 45-month prison sentence. Chapter closed.

While it’s easy for us to dwell on her horrid past, she has never wasted a moment thinking about it. It hasn’t broken her smile or spirit – she has kept moving forward in the most bubbly way possible, with a wiggle butt that doesn’t stop and an infectious smile. Bubbles had some medical issues along with anxiety issues when she came to them, but even after all she’d been through and all she was going through, this dog NEVER stopping smiling, not even once. Brew City helped her through everything she needed them for, and she stayed with them for almost a year until she finally found what she had been looking for all along, her perfect forever family. We can all learn a lesson from this truly special dog. No matter what life throws your way, don’t ever let anything or anyone take away what makes you special.

We have all probably heard a negative story about a pit bull. We are here to tell a different story. We love our pitties and we think they are misrepresented by the stories out there. We welcome them into our clinic and hope that more and more people will welcome them in their lives. Like any other dog, they are all individuals and should not be assumed to be anything else but that.

This month we are proud to highlight the work that Brew City Bully Club does, day in and day out, to provide education and awareness surrounding dogs perceived as pit bulls and also offer support to owners through vaccines clinics as well as their spay and neuter program, among other things.

Formed in 2008, the Brew City Bully Club is a leader in southeast Wisconsin in the advocacy and support of pit bull-type dogs and their families. They fulfill their mission through the three pillars of Advocacy, Owner Support, and Rescue. They provide high-quality programs aimed at alleviating the suffering of Milwaukee-area pit bull-type dogs, encouraging and facilitating responsible, loving dog ownership, and raising awareness for the positive potential of pit bulls as cherished pets in our communities.

Through it’s 10+ years in existence Brew City Bully Club has been  able to do a lot of great things:
- 303 Advocacy & Education Outings
- 1,074  Local Owners Supported
- 236  Dogs Microchipped
- 640  Rabies & Distemper Shots
- 576  Low cost Spays & Neuters
- 111  Pit Bull type dogs Rescued

The Pups for Life program is the name of the Spay & Neuter program and vaccine clinics and this year specifically they were able to help 23 dogs get spayed / neutered and helped a total of 124 dogs through the vaccine clinics.

Please consider supporting this wonderful organization.