*** UPDATE ***

Drop-offs are going well and we truly appreciate all your support through this process!

As of tomorrow, March 20th, we will no longer be making any appointments for routine or non-emergency (elective) surgeries. If you are already scheduled, there will be no change. The AVMA has recommended us suspending elective procedures to minimize our use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While we are fortunate to have a good supply, we are considering donating our extra to human hospitals to help those on the front lines.

What are elective surgeries? Elective surgeries cover a lot and this is not a hard rule, but in general this would refer to any surgery which the pet could live just fine without. Please call us and we can determine on a case by case basis if this surgery is necessary right now or if we can hold off for a few weeks. We also don’t know when we can replenish our stock of masks, surgical gloves, etc and we want to make sure we have enough for our patients. (Everything is being rationed out by our distributors and many items are on back order.)

Also as of March 20th, we will no longer be offering Nail Trims, Routine Ear Cleaning, or other minor grooming services. If your pet is having a medical issue with one of these issues (ie. an ingrown nail or an ear infection), we will be able to see your pet for a medical issue, but we are trying to minimize un-needed traffic at this time. We are all trying to stay healthy to help you and your pet.

We are continuing to offer wellness at this time (annual checkups/bloodwork/vaccines). We find it important that animals stay healthy and protected as well, and this is what we do. We will keep you updated as we continue to get updates from the AVMA, WVMA, CDC, State, and Local authorities.