Featured Pets: We need your help!

We would love to feature your story and your pet! We love your furry family as if it was our own, and would be so happy to hear from you and share your story with the rest of the Milwaukee Vet Clinic family.

We are searching for a story to feature each month! What is your furry friend’s morning routine? Do they hate walking in the snow/rain? Is there a dog park or a dog walk you’ve recently enjoyed that you would like to share with everyone? What little quirk makes you laugh? Is there some training you and your furry baby are working on? Tricks? We’d like to hear it all. And of course pictures!

We are currently a 3 cat and 2 dog household. Holly and Otto are our 2 canine babies. Eddy, Carter and Ashes are the three felines. Even though we do wonder about Eddy, who we consider our cat-dog. He came into Holly’s care at 2 weeks old, so he has been most comfortable sleeping and playing with the dogs versus the other cats. They each have their own distinct personalities, some play together, some don’t, some like to hide while others run at the sound of the car pulling into the driveway. For some unknown reason, the dogs can’t help but get upset at the mailman or UPS guy every single time. Who taught them this? Is this an ancient dog tradition being genetically passed on? No idea. But we love them all!

Holly has traveled across the country a few times! Here she is in Dead Horse State Park in Utah. Her biggest road trip was a 14,000 mile, 3 1/2 month adventure that took her from New York City, down to Florida, then across to New Mexico, up to Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, then further west to Seattle and Vancouver, BC, then back down the coast all the way down to San Diego, with many adventures in between, then finally headed home through Arizona, and Utah again… and then amazingly made it from Utah to NYC in 2 days. Dad can be a crazy driver.