Summer plans

We do have exciting news, which some of you know or have guessed. Dr. Loomis is pregnant! We’re so excited! She is due at the end of June and it’s going to be a girl.

This does mean some changes in the scheduling for the summer. We still have Dr. Regner and Dr. Page here to see appointments. Dr. Loomis' last day, as long as the baby allows, will be June 17th. She will be out for 8-10 weeks depending on how everything is going. We will be seeing much fewer exotics and no exotic surgeries. If you need anything during that time related to exotics we do recommend Harwood Veterinary Clinic, Blue Pearl Glendale (exotic department), and Brook-Falls Vet -they are all great clinics.

We also won’t be able to do any dental procedures until Dr. Loomis' return. If your pet needs a dental cleaning appointment please schedule it asap so that we can get this done prior to her maternity leave. The first things Dr. Loomis will be doing once back will mainly be dental cleanings to catch up, but better to plan ahead. Both doctors can still see your pet for any dental-related issues and make plans from there depending on the urgency of the situation. Dr. Page will still be doing surgeries (spays, neuters, mass removals etc).

We will also be pausing Saturday appointments during the summer starting mid-May. We’ve done this in the past, and it is a little for our own sanity and also due to scheduling issues. We hope to restart them after Labor Day.

In other news, our long-term tech Lindsey left us for "Up North". She and her husband got a great opportunity and will be pursuing that. Sam, our long-term CSR is also leaving in April. She’s always been an artist and unfortunately for us her own private business is taking off and she will need to dedicate more time to her true passion. We wish them both the best, they will always remain part of the family and we will continue to see them and their pets.

We have made some new hires and we will look to add even more in the near term - you will see them in training over the next few weeks. So say hello to them as we welcome them to the team!

We thank all of you as always for your understanding - Dr. Shana Loomis-Bulgar and Matei Bulgar